Monday, April 11, 2011

The Watchers - Episode 1, "Owner's Share"

Download: The Watchers- Episode 1

When the Internet powers of Jack Hosley (Wander Radio), Odin1Eye (View From Valhalla), and Richard Green (Geek Out!) unite .... well they just sit around on Skype and talk about stuff. But the stuff they talk about is AWESOME. And what could be more fitting for the first episode thana discussion of the awesome and controversial "Owner's Share" by Nathan Lowell? Oh and the discussion does contain spoilers!

Be prepared dear listeners .... where they are going, they don't need any roads. :)

Nathan Lowell's sites: &

The site for "Owner's Share":

Promo for Pendant Audio at

The Watchers:
Jack Hosley @WNDRWolf -

Odin1Eye @Odin1Eye -

Richard Green @Mainframe -

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Download: The Watchers- Episode 1

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