Sunday, April 24, 2011

GOWM 25 - Talking Digital Comics with Ted

Download: GOWM_025.mp3

In episode 25; my brother, Ted, and I discuss digital comics. We are both long time comic book fans and we take a bit of time to talk about our thoughts on digital comics and how we think it may impact the comic book industry.

This isn't an interview, like most of my previous episodes. Also the audio quality isn't as good as I'd like. But I'm interested in finding out if you'd like more of these kinds of discussions on the show in general, and if you'd like Ted back in specific. So please comment on the episode and make your preferences known.

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Download: GOWM_025.mp3


  1. Half way through now wondering when you will mention this weekend's holiday there is another holiday this weekend but most guys don't buy comic books for wife or mother. I was considering Nook Color for wife for Mothers Day (for her yeah right) but I couldn't understand why they would have a color ebook reader and not sell comic. (that and almost never use Kindle 3)
    Hoping I don't spend more in gas than I would have for books to get to nearest store participating in Free Comic Books Day this year.
    Are there any comic books on Project Gutenberg?
    I also wanted to ask if you knew of Possible Oscar's "Wolverine - Don't Stop Readin'" song?
    I have two Marvel and Anime fan teens in the house.
    I don't remember libraries having many comic books when I was a kid but libraries do have comic books now and not just How to Draw and History of comic books.

  2. We recorded the discussion back in late Feb, so Free Comics Book Day wasn't on our radar at the time.

    As a recent development, "" is now supposed to be available on the Color Nook as a way to provide some digital comics. I'm not sure that this device has a large enough screen for me to recommend as a comic book reader, but you could always try with one of the free comics available.

    Project Gutenberg is strictly public domain text, but there are sites with public domain comic books (from the golden age), I just don't remember the site names right now.

    I'm not familiar with the song, but I don't listen to much music (too many podcasts)

    Thanks for the comment :)