Thursday, February 10, 2011

GOWM 13 - Interview with Paul Elard Cooley

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Episode 13 is my interview with writer/podcaster Paul Elard Cooley. We talk horror, psychological trillers, ice cream trucks, and why stuffed animals are kinda creepy. Fans of Paul know how entertaining he can be, and if you aren't one yet, prepare to be. :)

Paul is beginning the pre-order for his "Fiends: Volume 1" collection on Valetines Day. It's a limited special edition of some his most popular stories with bonus material that will not be available in any other print versions of the book. You will only be able to order the books from

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  1. Superb interview with the Fiendmaster aka Paul Elard Cooley. Loved the Dick Dickinson tale :)

  2. We aim to please at "Geek Out!". I do try to make sure that we cover some ground that hasn't been part of earlier interviews. I think Paul may have told the Dick Dickerson story before, but I think we have a scoop that he finds stuffed animals creepy ;) *Explains "Stuffing" a bit better* ;)

  3. This was a great interview. I'm not a fan of horror myself either, but hearing how good the writing is, which I've heard of Paul before, I'm going to have to go check out his stuff.

  4. Paul does have "cool" in his name and it fits. Oddly enough he got out of writing, but was inspired by Scott Sigler's podcast novels - yet another thing to be grateful to Sigler for.

    Seems my pimping out stuff ... I mean highlighting talent is working as intended :)

    *Now Paul, where's that check?*

    (Just kidding - I do NOT take any payment of any type from my podcast guests.)