Friday, July 30, 2010

GOWM Episode 5 - Interview with P C Haring - Part 1

Episode 5 is an interview with podcast novelist P. C. Haring. His podiobook "Cybrosis" is a strong showing, with a stellar voice acting cast and writing to match. He is a long time member of the podcasting community and a really nice guy. Oh, and we geek out over music! :)

P. C. Haring links:
Cybrosis -
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Facebook -

GeekCred #40 - Interview with P. C. Haring -
Odin1Eye's review of Cybrosis -
P. C. Haring "How I do it!" -

Great geek resource!:
Odin1Eye's Podcast Novel reviews -
Odin1Eye's "How I do it!" interview series -

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Oursvince -

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  1. Great episode! I really enjoyed hearing about comics, and steampunk, and now I too have more podcasts to subscribe and listen to :) Really enjoyed it, great show.