Thursday, July 1, 2010

GOWM Episode 4 - Interview with Jared Axelrod

Episode 4 is a long one, approximately one hour and forty-five minutes of solid interview with the multi-talented Jared Axelrod! Steampunk, comics, podcasting and more - strap in for a fun and geeky ride, dear listener. :)

Jared Axelrod links:
Web site -
Fables of the Flying City -
Tales from the Uncanny Valley
The Sovereign Era: Year One
Podthology: The Pod Complex
Twitter -

J. R. Blackwell (Jared's lovely and talented wife) links:
Web sites:
Photos -
Book - Her Side with Mur Lafferty
Twitter -

I can be found and contacted at:

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Twitter: @mainframe (or @gowmainframe for tweets just about the podcast)

Email: gowmainframe at gmail dot com

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Songs used are "Space Ride" & "Around", from the album "Around" by Oursvince at

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  1. Yay! Two of my favorite people getting geeky like the geeks get geeky. Loved it! And not just 'cause you said nice things about me. ^_^

  2. I am late in posting a comment, but this really was a superb ep and a joy to listen to. Can hardly wait to geek out with you again!