Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GOWM 14 - Interview with Nathan Lowell

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Episode 14 is my interview with podcaster, storyteller, and force of nature, Nathan Lowell, PhD. This interview is barely over an hour but packed FULL of geeky goodness about his books, writing, and basically why I can't get enough of his novels. Any interview with Nathan is awesome (see the links below), and I'm bringing you the awesome "Geek Out!" style. Strap in, you will enjoy the ride! :)

You can find all things Nathan Lowell at:

Web site: http://solarclipper.com/
Twitter: @nlowell

Nathan's novels:

Get the books in all their forms at Nathan's site http://solarclipper.com/get-the-books/

Ridan Publishing pages with multiple purchase options (signed copies are available):
"Quarter Share" - http://www.ridanpublishing.com/quarter_share.html

"Half Share" - http://ridanpublishing.com/half_share.html

Find all of Nathan's free podcast audio books at http://www.podiobooks.com/ (search for "Nathan Lowell").

Check out other must listen Nathan Lowell interviews at:

Dan Sawyer’s Writer’s Round Table on Writing Fast on "I Should Be Writing" Special Episode #45. Of course Nathan was there and shares his process.

Mur Lafferty’s interview on I Should Be Writing #181 on lessons learned from writing one million words.

Dead Robot’s Society interview on Reader Expectations . This touches on the reaction to the end of "Owner's Share" and has some spoilers.

John Mierau’s Serial Fiction Tear Down .

Find links to all of Nathan's interviews at http://solarclipper.com/interviews/

I can be found and contacted at:

Web Site: http://gowmainframe.com/

Twitter: @mainframe (or @gowmainframe for tweets just about the podcast)

Email: gowmainframe at gmail dot com

Voice Mail: 206-350-0528

Songs used are "Space Ride" & "Around", from the album "Around" by Oursvince at http://www.oursvince.com

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Thanks for listening!
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  1. This was an awesome interview, I really enjoyed it, as I have all of your other interviews. I appreciate that you get into more personal stuff with the author/creator you're interviewing. I love hearing things that don't come out in other interviews because they're so focused on the promotion of the person's work. Great episode, and keep them coming!

  2. There are 4 things I try to accomplish with every interview. 1) Highlight why I think the guest is awesome 2) Cover at least one thing not covered in prior interviews 3) Let you get an glimpse beyond the "product" and into the person at least a bit and 4) Let the listener in on an entertaining conversation.

    When I pull this off, I feel like it's succeeded. I know I don't bat a thousand, but I have fun playing in the field ;)