Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wander Radio Interview I-19 with WNDRWolf, Odin1Eye, and me

Download: I-19RoundTablediscussionOdin1eyeandMainframe.mp3

This is a "re-broadcast" of an interview that Jack Hosley aka WanderWolf (@WNDRWolf on Twitter ) aired on his podcast "Wander Radio" episode "I-19 Round Table Discussion with Odin1eye and Richard Green (aka Mainframe)", posted January 14, 2011.

Original show notes can be found at

Jack is an experienced podcaster whose "Wander Radio" is a blend of music, interviews, and whatever else he feels like at the time. ;) You can find info on WNDRWolf and "Wander Radio" at

Odin1Eye (@Odin1Eye on Twitter) has the wonderful "View From Valhalla" blog at . It is notable for it's exceptional reviews of completed podcast novels. These reviews have been faithfully posted each Monday for over a year. If you want a great starting place for finding quality free podcast novels - or if you are a longtime podcast novel fan - you will find his blog a great site to check out, and come back to regularly.

This interview is also the first time I have been an interviewee, so it was a special treat for me too.

I hope you enjoy.

Download: I-19RoundTablediscussionOdin1eyeandMainframe.mp3

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