Saturday, August 14, 2010

GOWM Episode 7 - Interview with J. R. Murdock

Episode 7 is an interview with J. R. Murdock, is the author podcaster of "Billy Barbarian", "V and A Shipping", and "Murdockian Tales". Prepare for humor when listening to J. R.'s books, you have been warned! :)

You can find all things J. R. Murdock:

Web site:
Twitter: @jrmurdock

On :
"Billy Barbarian" -
"V and A Shipping" -

I can be found and contacted at:

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Twitter: @mainframe (or @gowmainframe for tweets just about the podcast)

Email: gowmainframe at gmail dot com

Voice Mail: 206-350-0528

Songs used are "Space Ride" & "Around", from the album "Around" by Oursvince at

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Direct download : GOWM_007.mp3

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