Saturday, August 14, 2010

GOWM Episode 6 - Interview with P C Haring - Part 2

Episode 6 is the second half of the interview with podcast novelist P. C. Haring. His podiobook "Cybrosis" is a strong showing, with a stellar voice acting cast and writing to match. He is a long time member of the podcasting community and a really nice guy.

We talk about being in podcasts together; being in the podcast community; the importance of beta readers; and hints of what Paul has planned for future podcast fiction! I also ask P. C. a question I promise not to ask in any future interviews, but thanks to Paul for being a good sport. :)

P. C. Haring links:
"Cybrosis" -
Twitter -
Facebook -

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The Blues Brothers – Hey, Want to Watch A Movie? -
The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy -
"Morevi" -
Balticon -
Dragon*Con -
"The Crown Conspiracy" -

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