Sunday, March 28, 2010

Episode 0 of the Podcast!

Welcome to the introductory episode of "Geek Out! with Mainframe".

Future episodes will be interviews of Internet media creators, such as podiobooks authors, and perhaps some of their fans.

At the top of the interviews, we'll plug their projects but quickly we'll go off the beaten path and onto geeky side roads. Hopefully, you'll see a different side than you might in other interview shows.

I may throw in little mini-episodes with geeky tips, especially the cheap kind. And after a few episodes, I hope to interview some of the listeners of this podcast.

Songs used are "Space Ride" & "Around", from the album "Around" by Oursvince at

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Thanks for listening!

Direct download : GOWM_000.mp3


  1. Sounds like you're having fun, congrats! I think I'm about as far from geek as you can get but it sounds like you've got some great ideas for the 'cast. I'll look forward to what comes.

  2. The good thing is we ALL are geeky about something. Ever watch sports fans? They are marvelously geeky about there teams. Ever talk to a school teacher, or musician, or mechanic, etc about their own personal "geeky passion"? Trust me, you'll fit in fine :)

  3. Hey Mainframe,

    Since you mentioned comics you might want to do an episode with @blaquesaber and @sinspired aka Kim the comic book goddess on Comics past and present. :)

  4. I'm a twitter buddy of the multi-talented @sinspired (plus we met in real life at DragonCon 2009). I know she would be an awesome person to interview. I don't know @blaquesaber yet, but I am now following on Twitter because of your mention. :)

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'll probably put a poll on the site in a couple of weeks to help gauge interest in a few geeky topics. Comics will definitely be an option in the poll.